Build Your First Thesis

Writing a quality thesis is one of the major problems among college students. They are simply not very eager to compose a long and demanding project. However, it is lawyers necessary for a college student to build such a paper because it is a requirement for graduation. Apart from the levels of writing, another concern for many students is the level of quality that they need to undertake. In college, there are three basic levels of learning. These are the undergraduate, masters and PhD levels. Therefore, if you are required to write a thesis, you will probably fall into the category of masters or PhD. In any case, you still need to learn the basics in writing a thesis for any levels of education.

You should not worry about your thesis because the same procedures in writing a high school thesis will be applied. This only means that what you have learned from high school research writing will still be useful in writing a college paper. If you are not longer familiar with the basic steps of writing a thesis, then let us help you recall them.

The first part of thesis writing is selecting a topic. The topic of interest for the paper should at least be important and significant to the readers. In most cases, the writer has the power to choose a topic. However, you also need to consult with your adviser to see if the subject you have chosen is good. Of course, you also need to evaluate the feasibility of the subject and see whether there are enough reference materials for your paper.

After you have chosen a topic, your next goal is to build a research proposal. The proposal serves as the outline of what you need to do for the research. You need to have it approved by your adviser. This way, you will have the support of another person who knows how to deal with problems in thesis writing.

You also need to find enough materials for your paper. As you know, a thesis is not easy to write. Therefore, it means that the research process is not easy as well. If you are not going to use any of the materials available, then you can start conducting an experiment. This way, you can come up with raw data. However, once you have utilized another paper, make sure that you will cite it as your sources of info.

The next approach is to write the basic parts of the paper. As you know, all thesis need to have the following chapters: abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, data and analysis, interpretation of data and conclusion. You also need to add a cover page, table of contents and bibliography. Once you have all these parts, you may proofread your Thesis.

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